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We get it. You might feel overwhelmed with all the stuff you have lying around. It may seem like a daunting task to clean it up yourself. Fear not; we have you covered. At Junk Magicians, we offer junk removal services and junk hauling to eliminate all the clutter in your home or office.

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At Junk Magicians in Reno, NV, we offer junk removal services that can help you save time and money. We make it easy for you to clear out all the excess stuff you don’t need anymore without doing all the physical labor yourself. It’s also a great option if you don’t have access to a truck or other equipment to get the job done.

We provide suburb customer service at affordable pricing. Our punctuality, responsive service, and friendly approach, all at a fair price, have earned us 5 stars in customer reviews. We’re happy to offer you a free estimate. And just like magic, see your junk vanish. Let’s talk! 

Vanish Your Clutter with Junk Magicians  

At Junk Magicians, we offer junk removal services in Reno, NV, that include: 

  • Property Clean Outs 
  • Appliance Removal and Disposal 
  • Property Management & Eviction Clean Outs 
  • Hot Tub & Spa Removal 
  • Hoarding Situations 
  • Electronic Recycling 

Property Clean-Out Services 

Property cleanouts can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This massive inconvenience for property owners can remove their focus on other tasks and responsibilities. This is why hiring us at Junk Magicians, Reno, NV, is important for your property cleanout needs. 

Appliance Removal and Disposal

At Junk Magicians, we can help dispense large, bulky items such as appliances in a breeze. With our junk pick up services, you can get rid of old refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and more without worrying about transporting them yourself or dealing with the hassle of dumping them at a landfill. 

Property Management & Eviction Clean-Outs

We specialize in property management and eviction cleanouts, providing an invaluable service to landlords and property owners. We can handle furniture, appliances, boxes of junk, yard waste, and even hazardous materials. On top of that, we can clear away any debris left after an eviction, ensuring that the property is ready to be rented or sold. 

Hot Tub & Spa Removal

We can remove old hot tubs or spas. This service is ideal for those who need to clear out an old hot tub or spa from their backyard, as it can be complicated and time-consuming. Our team can safely remove the hot tub or spa, transport it, and dispose of it. 

Hoarding Situations

Our services can assist hoarding situations requiring special attention and care. We offer professional junk removal services with experience in working in hoarding environments and will take the time to listen to you about your specific needs. 

Electronic Recycling

Our junk removal services include electronic recycling, which can help to reduce the amount of e-waste generated. E-waste is anything with a plug, battery, or circuit board that is no longer used or needed. This includes computers, televisions, printers, and other electronics. Recycling electronics helps to extend the life of these products, reduce pollution and conserve energy. Our customers can be sure that we properly dispose of the e-waste generated from their electronics in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact Fully Licensed And Insured Junk Haulers In Reno, NV 

For a fast and efficient service, contact us at Junk Magicians. We’ll work hard to offer you the clear space that you need and deserve. After our initial visit, we’ll provide a plan of action to explain the entire process. Let the professionals do the heavy lifting to avoid injuring yourself. We can work with any situation quickly and safely without causing any disruption to your daily life. 

We offer fully licensed and insured professional junk removal services and have experience in taking on large projects with ease and efficiency. Let us clear the path for you, get started today. 

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