The kitchen is the heart of your home. Also, kitchens are a good reason to show off, and many times they are an important factor in deciding whether or not to buy a house.

If you’re thinking about selling your house, or you want to start a kitchen remodeling project, you will probably need to demolish your kitchen to start over.

Kitchen demolition is very exhausting work; however, there are some steps you can follow to make the job more efficient and organized.

The Pre-Work

Select the Items You Will Keep

There will be many objects that you may want to keep. Dishes, cookware, dishcloths, silverware, etc., are some of the objects you can recycle for your new kitchen. Box up these items and store them in another room where there is no danger of getting damaged.

Shut Down Utilities

Remember that before kitchen remodeling comes kitchen destruction. It’s a fact that the whole kitchen will be a disaster. However, we want to avoid more serious accidents among all the mess. Be sure to turn off the water and gas lines. A leak could turn a simple project into a big problem.

Remove Appliances

With bigger items such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, etc. You can validate whether to keep them or replace them with new ones. If you decide to keep them, make sure to store these appliances in a place where nothing can happen to them.

Once you’re done with the pre-work, you can get ready for kitchen destruction.

Kitchen Demolition- The Step-by-Step Guide

Now that your kitchen is empty, it’s time to dismantle everything else. For this, you need a pry bar, screwdriver, ladder, putty knife, a hammer, some drop cloths, and don’t forget to wear gloves, safety glasses, and proper clothes.

Here’s a guide you can follow:

  • Remove countertops: Insert the putty knife between the countertop and the wall. Then use the pry bar to remove the countertop until you separate it completely. You should hire professional demolition services to cope with more delicate countertops such as granite or quartz.
  • Remove base cabinets: Start by removing any trim on the bottom or sides with the putty knife. Then pry until it gets loose. Remove any nails from the wall with a hammer, so you don’t get hurt with them.
  • Take down wall cabinets: The same thing you did with the base cabinets. You might need a ladder to make it easier.
  • Remove the backsplash: Start by breaking some grout lines with a chisel. Then slide the chisel under the tiles to pry them off. Use a hammer if necessary.
  • Get rid of your waste: Take everything you will throw away out of your house. It would be best if you consider renting a dumpster. This could help you dispose of your waste easier and efficiently.

Avoid Headaches – Hire Junk Magicians

We understand that DIY could save you some money. However, kitchen demolition is a very exhausting and time-consuming process. At Junk Magicians, we offer professional demolition services in Reno. We know how to work properly and safely. Our qualified staff will demolish your kitchen and dispose of the debris by magic.


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