Living in a hoarded home can be difficult. Hoarders are often resistant to clean up their homes, which leaves family members feeling helpless. However, hoarding cleanup is possible even for the most stubborn hoarder with the proper motivation and encouragement.

The best way to clean a hoarder house is by following these tips: 

Set a date to clean: It would be more difficult to postpone once you set an official date. Get everything ready for the task to start on time.

Start by cleaning one room at a time: Begin with the rooms that are most accessible to you, like living rooms or bedrooms.

Pack your belongings in boxes: Label the boxes ‘Keep’ or “Throwaway.” As a hoarder house cleaning tip, make sure that the “Throwaway” box is much larger than the other box.

Throw away the garbage: When each room is clean and free from debris, it’s time to throw away unnecessary items.

Donate or sell unneeded items: You might find something someone else could need. You can donate or sell anything of value. Try to keep just really necessary items.

Redecorate and reorganize: Cleaning is a good opportunity to start over. After you’re done with this task, you can give your house a fresh look by redecorating it.

Hire professionals: Help is always well received. If the task is hard, physically or emotionally, you can always hire a hoarding cleanup company that helps you clean your house and get rid of the trash.

Now That It’s Clean, Keep It Clean

Once you are done with the harder part, it’s time to avoid hoarding again.

Try to keep your spaces clean. You can set up a daily schedule or weekly cleaning routines. It is also helpful if you reward your efforts when you clean or when you avoid hoarding impulses.

Keep in mind that hoarding cleanup is a gradual process, but the easier steps will make it seem easy to get started.

Get Junk Magicians’ Professional Help

At Junk Magicians, we aim to provide hoarding cleanup services that can help you and your loved ones live a hoarded home free life.

Our hoarding cleanup company is trained to help hoarders and their loved ones with hoarding cleanup. Our cleanup process has been refined over the years to sort, haul and recycle efficiently and safely.


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