Are you considering demolishing your home? Maybe you want to start from scratch, or perhaps you’ve inherited a property in such disrepair that it’s not worth saving. Demolishing a house isn’t a choice to make lightly, but if you’ve decided that it’s time for your home to come down, understanding what’s involved in the process is crucial.

This way, you can be prepared for what to expect regarding the house demolition time frame, cost, and debris removal. Lucky for you, this blog post will cover demolition services from start to finish. Keep reading!

Your House Size May Impact The Demolition Process

The first thing you should know is that the size of your house will play a role in how long it takes to demolish. Professionals can usually demolish a smaller property in just a few days. In contrast, a larger property may take up to a week or more.

Of course, other factors can impact the house demolition time frame, such as:

  • The condition of the property.
  • Whether or not asbestos is present.
  • The number of floors workers will need to demolish.
  • How difficult it is to access the property.

Your demolition contractor will consider all these things when they’re putting together their timeline for the job.

Things You Must Be Careful About When Working On A Demolition Project

Working with a reputable and experienced demolition contractor is always the best way to ensure a safe job site. Still, you can take some steps to guarantee everyone stays safe during the process.

  • Keep children and pets away from the job site.
  • Tell your neighbors about the project in advance (so they can plan for any noise or debris).
  • Clear out any personal belongings from the property.
  • Alert your utility companies about the impending demolition.

The House Demolition Process


Your demolition contractor must first assess the property and develop a plan. Once they have all the necessary permits in hand, they’ll be able to start tearing down your home.


Workers will start by disconnecting any utilities still connected to the property. They’ll also remove anything of value, such as appliances, fixtures, or plumbing. Next, they’ll begin breaking down walls with sledgehammers until only the framing is left standing.


Once workers have demolished the property’s interior, they’ll move on to the exterior. They typically use excavators and other heavy machinery to dismantle the remaining structure.

Debris Removal

After completing the job, your contractor will haul away any debris, leaving you with a clean slate. And that’s it! Now you know what to expect from professional demolition services.

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Hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of the house demolition process. However, you still need to find a reputable and experienced contractor to handle the job.

If you’re in Reno, Nevada, Junk Magicians can help. We’re a fully licensed and insured company that has served over 2,500 homeowners. We care deeply about the environment and our clients, and you can contact us anytime from Mondays through Saturdays.


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