Landlords often evict tenants without cause, meaning the tenant has not violated any lease terms. Whether you are a landlord considering this course of action or a tenant who has received an eviction notice, it is important to understand your rights and the process involved.

In this blog post, we will explore what happens when you evict a tenant without cause and what to expect from the situation. We’ll also provide tips for landlords on how to best manage the eviction law process. So, whether you are just starting as a property manager, or realtor, or have been in the business for years, these eviction guidelines are for you.

What Is An Eviction Without Cause?

An eviction without cause occurs when a landlord asks a tenant to move out of their rental unit, and the tenant has not done anything wrong. The landlord does not need a reason to evict the tenant; you can give them notice that they must vacate the premises.

How To Prove A Legally Recognized Reason For Termination Of The Lease Agreement?

A landlord can only evict a tenant for certain reasons, called “just cause”:

“Just cause” includes not paying rent, violating the lease terms, or damaging the property. If the landlord does not have “just cause,” they cannot evict the tenant.

To prove “just cause,” the landlord must have evidence to show that the tenant has done something wrong. This could be:

  • A copy of the lease agreement with the tenant’s signature
  • Rent receipts showing that the rent was not paid
  • Pictures of damage to the property.

How Will Your Interaction With Your Tenant Be?

The landlord must also give the tenant a written notice of their intention to evict, specifying the just cause for eviction and giving the tenant a specific amount of time to remedy the situation. For example, if the tenant is being evicted for not paying rent, the landlord must give them a notice that they have X number of days to pay the rent, or they will be required to move out.

If the tenant does not provide a solution within the specified time frame, the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit with the court. The tenant will then have a chance to defend themselves against the eviction in court.

This Will Happen According To The Verdict:

If the judge finds that the landlord does not have a “just cause”, they will stop the eviction from happening. If the judge finds that the landlord does have just cause, they will order the tenant to move out. The tenant will then have a specific amount of time to move out, usually around 30 days.

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