It’s tough to admit, but sometimes we need help cleaning our hoarder house quickly. Maybe you’ve finally realized that your hoarding is out of control, and you’re ready to clean it up, or maybe a family member has convinced you to take action. 

Whatever the reason, in this blog, we’ve gathered all the steps you need to follow to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself. We know that getting rid of years of accumulated stuff isn’t going to happen overnight, so here is our advice on how to clean a hoarder house.

STEP 1- Clearing Out All The Junk

Before organizing and cleaning, you must eliminate all the excess junk in your space. This might mean throwing things away, donating them, or finding a new home for them by selling or giving them to friends or family members.

STEP 2- Clean & Disinfect Your Floors, Furniture, and Surfaces

Once the clutter is out, it’s time to deep clean your house. Start by vacuuming or mopping all the floors, then dusting and disinfecting furniture and surfaces. Don’t forget areas like underneath the couch, inside cabinets, and behind appliances.

STEP 3- Give The Bathroom A Good Soapy Wash

The bathroom is often one of the most neglected areas in a hoarder’s house, so give it extra attention during your cleaning process. Scrub the tub, toilet, and sink thoroughly, and throw out any expired or unused products cluttering the space.

STEP 4- Putting Everything In Balance: Organize Your Space

Now that everything is clean, it’s time to tackle the organization aspect of your hoarder house. Start by creating designated storage areas for different items, such as separate shelves for kitchen supplies and personal care products. Next, develop a system that works for you to keep the space organized and maintain it in the future. This could mean setting up a daily or weekly cleaning schedule or investing in some storage bins and containers to keep your belongings organized.

STEP 5- Things Can Get Smelly! Deodorize Your Space

After all your hard work, you want to ensure your house smells fresh and clean. Open windows to let in some fresh air or use essential oils or scented candles for a pleasant scent. You can rely on air fresheners such as Glade or Febreze.

Simsalabim! We Make Your House Squeaky Clean

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Also, our team is experienced and certified in hazmat cleanup, so you can rest assured that your home will be clean and safe. Contact us today for a free consultation with the best hoarding cleaning company.

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